Portal (video game)

Portal (video game)
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Portal (video game)

Portal (video game) Portal is a puzzle-platform online game evolved and published via valve company. it was launched in a package package deal called the orange container for Microsoft home windows, Xbox 360 and ps 3 in 2007. the game has when you consider that been ported to different structures, inclusive of os x, linux, and android.

Portal (video game)

The game’s unique physics permits kinetic strength to be retained through portals, requiring innovative use of portals to move thru the check chambers. this game play detail is primarily based on a comparable concept from the sport narbacular drop; the various team members from the digipen institute of technology who worked on narbacular drop had been hired by way of valve for the advent of portal, making it a spiritual successor to the game.

Portal was acclaimed as one of the most authentic video games of 2007, regardless of criticisms of its short duration and restricted tale. the game received praise for its originality, precise gameplay and darkish tale with a humorous collection of debate. glados, voiced by means of ellen mclain within the English-language version, acquired approval for her specific characterization, and the stop credits track “nevertheless alive”, written by means of jonathan coulton for the sport, become praised for its unique composition and humorous twist. portal is often cited as one of the best video video games of all time. aside from steam download income, over four million copies of the sport have been sold seeing that its launch, spawning respectable merchandise from valve consisting of plush accomplice cubes, as well as fan recreations of the cake and portal gun. a standalone version, titled portal: still alive, changed into launched at the Xbox stay arcade provider in October 2008, which added 14 puzzles to the gameplay, and a sequel, portal 2, which become released in 2011, adding numerous new gameplay mechanics and a cooperative multiplayer mode


In portal, the participant controls the protagonist, chell, from a first-man or woman attitude as she is challenged to navigate through a series of rooms using the aperture technological know-how hand-held portal tool, or portal gun, under the watchful supervision of the artificial intelligence glados. the portal gun can create awesome portal ends, orange and blue. the portals create a visible and physical connection among specific places in three-dimensional space. neither quit is particularly an entrance or go out; all objects that tour through one portal will exit via the other. an vital aspect of the game’s physics is momentum redirection.

Portal (video game)

As moving items pass thru portals, they come through the go out portal on the equal course that the go out portal is dealing with and with the identical pace with which they surpassed through the entrance portal.[6] for example, a not unusual maneuver is to jump down to a portal at the floor and emerge thru a wall, flying over a gap or every other obstacle. this permits the participant to release gadgets or chell over great distances, each vertically and horizontally, known as ‘flinging’ through valve.[5] as glados places it, “in layman’s terms: speedy aspect is going in, rapid thing comes out.” if portal ends aren’t on parallel planes, the man or woman passing via is reoriented to be upright with appreciate to gravity after leaving a portal stop.


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